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Welcome to my website!


I am Lois Marly Libregts from the Netherlands (DOB 10-10-2004). I love to skate. Since I was a little girl I enjoyed to watch skating on Dutch Television. At the age of 6,  I really wanted to learn how to figureskate.


Once I had my C- diploma for swimming (May 2011), my mother kept her promise and she took me to the city of 's-Hertogenbosch to skate with the 

'Bossche Kunstrij Vereniging'  (BKV).

'BKV' is one of the best clubs in the Netherlands where you can learn how to skate and become a competition skater. I loved it. Now, 7 years later I skate almost every day. The icerink is my second home. 


Till April 1st  2018, I was skating at BKV in 's-Hertogenbosch.

BKV has a good structure and they have great coaches and trainers. The head coach is Thierry Cerez, from France. 

He became vice Junior World Champion (1995). 

Together with his wife, Susan Peters, former German Champion, they work on a higher level of figureskating in the Netherlands.


Since 2016 the club is official KNSB (Dutch Skating Federation) VTO, an official KNSB club that is educating the best young talents to become a top skater. 


There is a common dream in our Dutch Figure Skate 'family', competing again at the highest level, the Olympic Games.  

At the Dutch Championships / ISU Challenge Cup (The Hague) at the end of February 2018, I decided to make a next step!


Since April 1 2018, I skate in Belgium (Turnhout, NOT) with #TeamCarine. My second Advanced Novice year. 

Head coach Carine Herrygers (Belgium) 

Coach/trainer and Choreography Jorik Henrickx (Belgium) 

My Dutch club in the 2018-2019 season: FAN, Eindhoven.

My Dutch trainer in 2018-2019:  Mireille van Bogget. 

In September  2019 we started to train in Tilburg with #TeamCarine and also with the KNSB 'Team Nederland'.

I changed my Club membership to the club in Tilburg, TKV (Tilburgse Kunstrij Vereniging).


A few times a week I train in Eindhoven and 3 days in Tilburg. 

Also in the 2020-2021 season, my second Junior season, I am proud member of the SKN team! Follow us on 'Stichting Kunstrijden Nederland'

Because of the worldwide situation concerning Covid-19 we had no ice from the middle of March till the middle of June. As soon as the rinks went open again, we went training in Belgium for 3,5 month. Since the end of August we can train in the Netherlands again.  


We hope Team Netherlands (Advanced Novice, Juniors and Senior skaters) will join special National Training Days again in the future, organised by the KNSB, the Dutch Federation. For now this is not possible because of Covid-19. 

My school the Rodenborch College is a 'special' sports school, situated in Rosmalen. They support me 100% and they make it possible to skate and to learn!

Special thanks to my sponsor ' Swanenberg IJzer Groep" who supported me in the 2016 - 2017- 2018, 2019 and 2020 skating seasons. 


"Swanenberg IJzer Groep"



Figureskating is my passion. 

I hope I can entertain you with my passion!


See my results at www.figureskatingonline.com. 

More news about skating? www.schaatsen.nl