Easter holidays...a new start!

Yeah! Easter Holidays started!

Today we had our training starting on 7h00. Specially for the early birds. The'winter' and competiton season is almost over. Directly after Easter (our 2 days of holiday) the new 'summer' schedule is starting. You think we are gonna have a quiet summer? No way. In summertime we always train extra. So in our case that means also instead of 5 days training, we make a step to 6 days a week.

A lot? Well, that is just how our sport is. At young age we start to practice jumps, rotations, skating skills. If you really want to grow and do everything to be a better and high level figureskater you just have to practice over and over again.

Not only on the ice, but we also train off ice, ballet, core training, condition training, mental training for example.

I am happy to love my sport and to be able to practice my sport. We really work hard but have a lot fun at the training and the rink. I love to have fun with my skate friends. We travel a lot and are like a skate family. We share so much emotions in all the hours we train together. It is just a pleasure and a bless.

Today we celebrated, directly after training, the last early Saturday of this winter season. We went shopping downtown Eindhoven and enjoyed the sun and each other.

We felt a new period is coming. Spring is coming!

We just felt happy!

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